5 Ask Ben Anything – Questions about the new beta build

I’ve received a number of questions about the beta update that we released last week, so I wanted to devote this column to explaining what’s new:

Coherence: Run Windows without seeing Windows.
Coherence is a great new view mode that allows you to run any Windows application without seeing the Windows desktop! Each app sits in a self-contained window on your OS X desktop giving the illusion that the VM isn’t even there.

Its wicked cool. Check out Coherence in action:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and Microsoft Outlook running alongside
iPhoto and Safari via Parallels Dekstop’s Coherence

Prefer working with a full Windows desktop? You can still do that, but we’ve made it even easier with a fully resizable window. Now you can just drag the corner of the Parallels window and your VM will automatically resize, without losing resolution.

Run your Boot Camp install in a Parallels virtual machine.
Load your Boot Camp partition in Parallels without losing data, reinstalling applications, or re-loading Windows. A much requested feature that’s finally here!

File sharing just got easier with true “drag and drop”
In addition to a more powerful Shared Folder utility (you can now configure Shared Folders on the fly, while your VM is running), we’ve included true “drag and drop” functionality. Just drag a file from one OS to another and boost productivity even more!

All in all, this beta build has a ton of great stuff…and when its ready to go “live”, it’ll be COMPLETELY FREE to all registered users!

Ready to check it out? Get it now, and learn about how others are using the beta update’s great new features, at the Parallels Technical Forum.

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0 vThere 2.0 – powered by Parallels Workstation – is now available

A few weeks ago I talked about our relationship with Sentillion, in which Parallels Workstation replaced VMware’s player as the virtualization engine powering their class-leading serverless remote access solution, vThere.

Today, vThere version 2.0, powered by Parallels Workstation, is generally available and ready for sale. Check out the release and learn more about how our technologies work together at the vThere homepage.

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4 Parallels is now on MySpace

Due to many, many, many user requests, I’ve set up a Parallels profile on MySpace! This profile is going to be “home base” for user networking, and will hopefully be a great way for you to meet other Parallels users, stay up to date on trade shows, conferences and news, share ideas, and make some great friends in the process.

If you’re on MySpace (who’s not?), you can find the profile at Just make a friend request and you’ll be approved within the day.

6 Ask Ben Anything – VM location, Resizing a VM, Multiple Shared Folders

Anyway, I’m curious why, on Mac Pro, the VM needs to be setup on the OS X volume. I was all setup to create an XP VM on it’s own partition when I ran into this restriction. Now I’ll need to repartition a larger OS X volume so I have room for an XP VM as well (I’m using Parallels build 1970).

Thanks for your informative blog!
Clinton W.

While the Parallels application needs to be installed on the main OS X volume, you can you your actual VM file anywhere – on your main hard drive, on a separate partition (although no partitioning is necessary), on an external drive, or even on a network drive if you have enough bandwidth. Just make sure that you set the VM path in your configuration screen to the custom location.

All of the sudden, my Windows XP VM window got HUGE, and I can’t shrink it down to get to the toolbar on the side of the Parallels window. So, I’m stuck. How do I shrink it down so I can use it in windowed mode?

– Anonymous

You’ve actually bumped into a Windows issue, not a Parallels issue. Fortunately, fixing this is easy. Just right click in your Windows VM and select “properties”, then click “settings”. From there, you can change the Windows resoution with the slider bar. Click OK and you’ll be ready to go.

Can I safely create more than one shared folder?

Diana B.

Absolutely. Just click the Shared Folder icon in your configuration screen to bring up the Shared Folder pane. Click the “+” on the right side to set up a second shared folder just like you did the first time. When you reboot Windows, you’ll see both in the Parallels Shared Folder.

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