4 Parallels Desktop hits the Apple Store, Part II

Earlier this week I let everyone know that we’re on the shelves in the Apple Store. Now we’re in the online store too!

So if you’re not near a store selling Parallels Desktop (pretty hard to do, considering that we’re in Staples, Office Depot, Fry’s, MicroCenter, CompUSA…), you can order a copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac via the Apple Store Online. You even get free shipping!

5 Parallels Desktop hits the Apple Store

As of this week, you can now pick up a real, boxed copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac in any Apple Store!

Not close to an Apple Store? Don’t worry…you’ll soon be able to get Parallels Desktop at

  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Fry’s Electronics
  • CompUSA
  • Micro Center

and many other retailers nationwide!

The product will be selling at an SRP of $79.99, the same price that you’ll find in our Online Store. Through Aug. 15, however, users who purchase Parallels Desktop for Mac through any of our retail partners will be eligible for a $20 rebate when they purchase Windows XP within 14 days. The rebate form is available at

The retail rollout is great news for a few reasons. First, it makes Parallels Desktop even more accessible to Mac users nationwide since you can actually go to a store and hold the software in your hands. More importantly, it reinforces Apple’s committment to Parallels Desktop as the preferred method of running Windows on a Mac. Now, we’re in their ads (see the “Touche” ad), on their website, and in their stores.

And now, on to pictures:

The new box, complete with an endorsement from Walt Mossberg.

Me with the first shipment of boxes at the Apple Store in Tysons Corner, VA. My friend Kristin said that I look like a new father posing with his kid.

Parallels Desktop on the shelf!

A big thank you to Roger Bloxberg and the staff of Nova Development, our exclusive retail publisher, for helping to get the boxes out the door in such a short timeframe. Great work!
2 “Installing XP on a Mac” by

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to talk several times with Dave Taylor, a true Mac guru and the proprietor of, one of the most useful Mac resource/support sites on the net. If you’ve got Mac questions, chances are Dave can answer it for you.

About two weeks ago, someone wrote Dave this query:

“I read through your splendid tutorial on installing Windows XP with Apple’s Boot Camp product but that’s not for me. I don’t want to have to reboot each time I want to try something out with a Windows app on my Mac. I’ve read about something called the Parallels Desktop and am hoping you can explain how to install it and how to use it so I can run Windows in parallel with Mac OS X? Thanks.”

Rather than simply write a one-liner back about our quick start guide or the Parallels technical support forum, Dave decided to do a complete walk-through of the process of using Parallels Desktop to install XP on a Mac.

As usuall, he did a hell of a job. Check out his write-up by following the link below; its a great supplement to the Parallels quick start guide and provides a good third-party perspective of how easy it is to get Parallels Desktop up and running on your Mac.

7 Hi, I’m a PC too…because of Parallels Desktop

A few days ago I commented on the great “Hi, I’m a PC. Hi, I’m a Mac” Apple commercials, and noted that the page that follows the “touche” ad now talks about Parallels Desktop for Mac, rather than Apple’s own Boot Camp. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that that was pretty friggin’ cool.

When I was watching the Red Sox pound on the Mets last night, the “touche” ad came on, so of course, I turned up the volume and proceeded to tell my friends about our new placement on

About half-way through the ad, I saw something that made me literally jump out of my chair…the ad now explicitly endorses Parallels Desktop for Mac!

Check out the lower left corner and you’ll see that it now says “Purchase of Windows XP and Parallels Software required.” A week ago, this just said “Purchase of Windows XP required.”

0 Parallels Compressor

Parallels Compressor is now available for sale! Thanks again to all of our testers for your help during the beta program!

Since many of you may not be as familiar with Compressor as you are with our Desktop for Mac product, I’ve gone ahead and answered some common questions about the product and what it does:

1) What is Parallels Compressor?
Parallels Compressor is a powerful, easy-to-use, universally compatible management tool that helps companies using almost any server and workstation virtualization platform conserve valuable hard disk resources and optimize the performance of their virtual workstations and servers by reducing the size of virtual hard disks by 50 percent or more.

2) How’s it work?
Compressor works by automatically deleting temporary and unnecessary files within Windows, and then compressing the actual virtual hard disk image file.

3) What’s the difference between Compressor Workstation and Compressor Server?
Compressor Workstation, which retails for $49, is specifically optimized for virtual workstations. It is compatible with any Parallels, VMware and Microsoft virtual workstation running Windows 2000 or XP.

Compressor Server, available for $179, is a professional-grade tool that optimizes any virtual server built using Parallels Server (due late 2006), VMware GSX Server, VMware Server, Microsoft Virtual PC, or Microsoft Virtual Server, or any virtual workstation built with Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Windows or Linux, Parallels Desktop for Mac, or VMware Workstation. Compressor Server is compatible with Windows 2000, 2000 Server, XP, and Server 2003.

4) Did I read that correctly? It works with Parallels, VMware AND Microsoft products?
Yes it does! Virtualization is all about maximizing resources and driving value, and we’re committed to making sure that everyone – even if they’re not deploying Parallels solutions – the most “bang for their virtualization buck”. Compressor is the first in a broader portfolio of virtualization management tools that will work every major virtualization product from Parallels, Microsoft, VMware, and more.

5) So, where do I get it?

6) I’m a Parallels Desktop for Mac user, and I know that my copy has Compressor Server technology inside. Do I need to do anything now that Compressor is officially released?
You do NOT have to update Compressor if you’re already using Parallels Desktop for Mac. The final version of Desktop (build 1848) has Parallels Compressor Server technology built-in!

6 Why You’ll Love a Mac – It Runs Parallels Desktop

By now, you’ve probably all seen the funny “Get a Mac” commercials on TV. What you may not have seen is the new page that links from the “Touche” ad about running Windows on a Mac.

Here’s a shot of the page:

You’re not seeing things. That is Parallels Desktop, endorsed by Apple on as a great solution for running Windows on a Mac.

At the bottom of the page it says: “If you’ve ever wished you could enjoy the best of both worlds, now you can.” They’re absolutely right. All you need is a Mac, and a copy of Parallels Desktop.

4 Parallels in Poland

I was just forwarded this ad from one of our Polish partners. I don’t know why, but I really like seeing Parallels stuff in languages other than English.

0 High praise from Walt Mossberg

The icing on the proverbial cake of our final release was a really great review by Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal, titled “New Product Operates Windows, Mac OS X Simultaneously”. This was a very positive review of Parallels Desktop that explains why our solution is a better choice than Apple’s Boot Camp, and why the software is important for the entire computing community.

For those of you who don’t know who Walt is, he is, without a doubt, the most powerful voice in technology. Check out his bio:

Walt Mossberg is the author and creator of the weekly “Personal Technology” column, which has appeared in The Wall Street Journal every Thursday since 1991. He also writes two other weekly columns: In “Mossberg’s Mailbox,” he answers readers’ questions, while in “The Mossberg Solution,” he compares and contrasts consumer electronic gadgets. Read Walt’s columns at

He is also a contributing editor of SmartMoney, The Journal’s monthly magazine, and a regular technology commentator for the CNBC network.

Newsweek magazine calls Mr. Mossberg “the most powerful arbiter of consumer tastes in the computer world today.” Time magazine calls him “the most influential computer journalist,” while Rolling Stone magazine calls him “the most powerful columnist in technology.” The Washington Post declared Mr. Mossberg “one of the most powerful men in the high-tech world” and “a one-man media empire whose prose can launch a new product.” And The New York Times calls him a “protean critic of the new economy’s tools and toys.”

Mossberg was awarded the 1999 Loeb Award for Commentary, the only technology writer to be so honored. For seven years in a row (1995-2001), he was named as the most influential journalist writing about computers in the annual ranking published by Technology Marketing magazine.

I highly recommend you read Walt’s columns – they’re consistently informative, honest, and well written. Especially the ones about Parallels. 🙂


The big day is finally here! After two months of very successful beta testing that involved more than 100,000 rabid mac users from 75 countries, I’m proud to announce that the final version of Parallels Desktop is now available for download and sale!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us throughout beta testing…we couldn’t have done it without your feedback and support!

A few important notes about the final version:

  • The final release price will be $79.99, but if you buy through July 15th, 2006, you can get the product for only $49.99!
  • If you’re a new user, you can still try the product before you buy with a free 15 day trial (we offer free trials for ALL of our products, btw!)
  • If you pre-ordered, you should have received your permanent key. If you didn’t, email us at and we’ll get it to you right away.
  • If you’re upgrading from an earlier version of Parallels Desktop, you will NOT need to reinstall Windows or rebuild your virtual machines. You should, however, reinstall Parallels Tools when you’re done with your upgrade
2 – Powered by Parallels Workstation

I came across, a cool site where you can see actual video of linux distributions in action, through an article by Tina Gasperson at NewsForge, cleverly titled “See Distros. See Distros Run. Run, Distros, Run.”

The main page

The site was created by Jonathan Buys, who said “I’ve seen Linux advance by leaps and bounds over the years. I’ve lost count of how many distros I’ve tested. I figured that since I was loading the distros anyway, I might as well share my experiences on my site.”

A great idea. And the coolest part? He uses Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Windows to run all of his Linux distribtions in virtual machines!

This is exactly what Parallels Workstation is ideal for; keep your Windows machine intact, but still have the freedom to run full versions of Linux (or any other OS) at the same time as Windows in a stable, secure virtual machine that you can wipe away when you’re done.

Try it yourself! Get a free 15-day trial of Parallels Workstation for Windows (or Linux, or Mac!) at the Parallels Download Center.

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