Application Virtualization

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Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) allows you to deliver application virtualization to remote users in a seamless and easy-to-manage way. It is possible to run applications (isolated from the operating system) on a client system without actually being installed on it.
application virtualization

Parallels RAS avoids unnecessary consumption of resources, and several applications can run at the same time without affecting performance. For example, applications which overwrite system DLLs or require different runtime engine versions can run concurrently on a single host device. It transforms complexity into simplicity; with the drag and drop functionality, application virtualization is a matter of one click.


Why Choose Parallels RAS?

Parallels RAS provides a solution for any organization seeking to reap the benefits of application virtualization. It empowers the company’s workforce to collaborate anywhere, inside or outside the organization, on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office.

Application virtualization transforms individual applications from locally installed products into centrally managed services. Applications become available everywhere they need to be — no computer pre-configuration or changes to operating system settings are required. It allows applications to run in environments that do not suit the native application.

Parallels RAS Application Virtualization Advantages

  • Secures and protects the operating system and other applications.
  • Runs incompatible applications side-by-side, at the same time, and with minimal regression testing against one another.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Enhances security by removing administrator privileges from the end-users.
  • Simplifies operating system migrations.
  • Includes accelerated application deployment through on-demand application streaming.
  • Improves the control and tracking of licensing usage.
  • Extends the lifespan of your hardware running virtualized applications.
  • Empowers workforce mobility.
  • Allows you to manage local and virtual applications on your host.

Application virtualization enables IT administrators to significantly reduce the cost and complexity associated with development, setup, configuration, deployment and maintenance of software applications. Application virtualization with Parallels RAS delivers flexibility, cost savings and security to your company. Read more

Giorgio Bonuccelli is a Marketing and Communications Director at Parallels. Giorgio has extensive experience in cloud computing and virtualization, with a background of many years in multinational corporations (Dell, EMC and McAfee). In his career he has filled different roles, from sales to training and marketing. This wide-ranging experience and flexibility helps him simplify concepts and write content that is easy to read and understandable even by newcomers to the subject. As a blogger and technical writer he has published more than 1000 papers.