Things You Can Do While Waiting for iOS Updates to Install

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It always inevitably comes at the worst time possible—the dreaded notification to end all notifications:

iOS Update

Say hello to the only thing more never-ending than Windows updates: a software update for your iOS device.

Find a comfy place to sit back and relax (preferably with a power outlet nearby)—you’re going to be idle for a while. Here are a few things you can do while you wait:

Stand up and stretch a little.


Grab a snack. Scarf the snack.


Take a bathroom break (and lament over having nothing to read while you’re in there).


Plug your iPhone in after realizing the update hasn’t even started yet. So much time wasted!


Do a little self-congratulatory dance when the update finally starts.


Hum a little tune while you wait. It can’t take that long now that it’s chugging along, right? You can totally go without your phone for a few minutes…


Check on the update. It’s still working.


Take your dog(s) for a walk. A quick 10-minute walk in the great outdoors is the perfect distraction right now.


Check on the update again—it’s still working. Well, you just got a mini-workout in, why not get a full one in while you wait?


Oh, never mind. Your workout app is on your iPhone, and you can’t really get a good set in without it…


It’s still updating. Somehow.


Go to complain about how long this is taking on Twitter. Wait, you’re again thwarted by your lack of a phone. (Who tweets from their computer anymore?)


This. Update. Is. Taking. Forever.


Clean out your purse/bag/backpack/briefcase. Productivity!




Check your horoscope. In the newspaper.


Pray to the Apple gods to hurry this update up a little.


Get a drink. A real one.


Paint an amazing portrait.


Visit the circus.


Score a perfect 300.


Head to the moon and back.


Reminisce about the technology of yesteryear, when all the things you needed were not on one single device.


Just kidding—even though it’s somehow, somehow still updating…


We’ve all been there! Sometimes it really does seem to take forever for iOS to update, especially since many of us are so reliant on our iPhones (guilty as charged). What’s the longest you’ve waited for your iOS device to update? Share your story in a comment, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.


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