The Struggle is Real: Choosing Between Parallels Access 2.5 on Android or iOS


I’m an Apple girl through-and-through.

My love of Apple started young (thanks Dad)—when the iPod Mini came out, I got the adorable green one for my birthday that year, and jammed out to my limited collection of music with it (mostly to the Shrek soundtrack).

A few years later, I graduated to my iPod Classic (with video!) that I got for Christmas. Fast-forward to my first job as a lifeguard, when I saved up all of my paychecks to join #TeamiPhone! I’ve been hooked ever since.

Although I love my iOS device, there is one thing I covet about Parallels Access on the Android: the ability to place your favorite desktop applications on your Android home screen. I’m so jealous of this awesome feature!


Place your favorite desktop applications on your #Android home screen for easy access. #ParallelsAccess #RemoteDesktop

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I’ve tried Android, but what can I say—I’m too hooked on Apple!

What about you—what’s your favorite feature of Parallels Access 2.5? Is there a feature on Android or iOS you wish was on both? Share your thoughts with us in a comment, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter!


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Victoria is studying technology management at Alfred State College while working as a social media intern at Parallels. Heels and L.L. Bean Boots allow Victoria to tackle upstate New York no matter what the weather may be that day (or minute). She loves her Apple computer, a crisp New York State apple (Sorry, Washington), and feels that Twitter is the best of them all. Prefers the finer things in life; pasta, salad, and sparking water.