Keeping Up With the Mobile BYOD Environment

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Following the recent bring your own device (BYOD) trend, market researcher Gartner famously predicted that over “30% of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2016” and 70% of roving professionals will conduct work on personal mobile devices by 2018. Does this mean that the BYOD trend pressures corporate networks into BYOD management?

The correct answer in this regard would be, it depends. Each personal mobile device that is sync’d to a work related email account, resource or connected to a corporate network is following this scheme, reinforcing the 70% estimation that is already being reached rapidly.

This phenomenon is already here and new research from HDI indicates that as of November 2013, 49% of technical service and support companies are “keeping up with the pace” with emerging mobile BYOD devices, while 40% are “Struggling to keep up” and 6% are “Not supporting mobile devices”. Surprisingly only 4% are “Staying ahead of the technology”.

Mobile BYOD Environment: Trend

Whether a midsize business (SMB) ranging to the larger enterprises or even the scholastic environment, the BYOD trend poses a number of concerns, which if ignored could result in:

  • Corporate data leaks
  • Malicious apps (Adware, Spyware)
  • Lost or stolen devices
  • Email exposure
  • Man in the middle attacks when distributing credentials

Rather than ignoring the risks along with 6% of companies, join the 89% that embrace BYOD with the right solution and strive to stay ahead of the challenges faced with the other 4%. Mobile Device Management addresses BYOD security and privacy considerations by:

With a reported 16% increase of 2X MDM solutions being deployed over the past two years, Mobile Device Management offers powerful enterprise features at an affordable price.


Mobile BYOD Environment:

Mobile BYOD Environment:

Mobile BYOD Environment:

Sean Bianco is the marketing documentalist and technical writer at Parallels. With a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Networking and a three year background in software quality assurance testing and usability engineering, Sean is a subject matter expert in mobility and smartphone, app and device management. He is well-versed in developing technical articles and determining market trends. His excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with emphasis on understanding relationships between technical problems, result in sound and effective business solutions.