Removing the 2X MDM Agent and Profile from your iOS Device

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If for whatever reason you have to remove the Parallels 2X MDM Agent completely from your iOS Device (upgrading to another device or selling it) it’s necessary to remove both the agent and the profile. We’ll show you how it’s done below.

Stage 1: Removing the Parallels 2X MDM Agent

2X MDM Agent

  1. Find the MDM icon on your iPhone screen and then press and hold for 3 seconds.

    2X MDM Agent
  2. The icon will start vibrating and a small x will appear on its upper left corner (as shown above)

    2X MDM Agent
  3. Tap the x button. A warning message will appear informing you that ‘Deleting MDM will also delete all of its data’. Press the ‘Delete’ button to confirm the removal of the agent from your iPhone.

Now that the agent has been uninstalled you will need to remove the Parallels 2X MDM certificate and profile from the device because push requests can still be sent from the Parallels 2X MDM server to your iPhone.

Stage 1: Removing the Parallels 2X MDM Profile

2X MDM Agent

  1. Press the ‘Settings’ icon on your iPhone screen
  2. Select the General option from the Settings menu (left image) and then tap on ‘Profiles’ (right image)

    2X MDM Agent
  3. Select the ‘Parallels 2X MDM’ profile (outlined above in red) and for now ignore the ‘2X Settings Profile’ (it will be made clear in the following steps)

    2X MDM Agent
  4. Click on the ‘Remove’ button to remove this profile from your iPhone

    2X MDM Agent
  5. When the Profile removal dialog appears press the ‘Remove’ button to confirm your selection
  6. The profile will be removed and the other ‘2X Settings’ profile right under it on the list will be removed automatically too

Congrats you have just completely removed Parallels 2X MDM from your iPhone. If you need help adding the 2X MDM Agent back onto your iPhone, view this easy to follow guide.

Giorgio Bonuccelli is a Marketing and Communications Director at Parallels. Giorgio has extensive experience in cloud computing and virtualization, with a background of many years in multinational corporations (Dell, EMC and McAfee). In his career he has filled different roles, from sales to training and marketing. This wide-ranging experience and flexibility helps him simplify concepts and write content that is easy to read and understandable even by newcomers to the subject. As a blogger and technical writer he has published more than 1000 papers.

  • Cath

    When I installed 2X MDM it changed the unlock screen on iPhone – both the screen format and it prompted me to change from a 4 to a 6 digit pin. Now I’ve removed it but the unlock screen has not reset. How do I do this?

    • Sean Bianco

      Hi there, From your description it seems as tough you have set a password policy to the iPhone.

      You may further adjust these settings from the 2X MDM administration portal-> Devices-> Select device-> Policy and review and adjust the password policy.

      Further, should this device belong to a group policy you may update from the iOS group policy directly.

  • Ahmad

    1. How can I restrict user from uninstalling the 2X MDM agent from his device?
    2. Is communication between device and server encrypted? and what method?
    3. Is it possible to separate corporate and personal data like the blackberry balance feature?

    • Sean Bianco

      Hi Ahmad, we have already responded to these queries via email correspondance.