Voices of September 11th Partners with 2X Software to Deliver a Private Cloud Solution to 14,000 Members Worldwide

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Dallas, TX Jul 25, 2012 – Voices of September 11th (VOICES) has partnered with 2X Software to deliver a Private Cloud solution to more than 14,000 registered members worldwide using 2X Remote Application Server.

In 2006, VOICES launched the 9/11 Living Memorial Project which commemorates the almost 3,000 lives lost on 9/11 and documents the accounts of rescue workers and survivors.  Today the 9/11 Living Memorial archive includes an extensive collection of over 60,000 items which will continue to expand.  This digital content will be featured at the 9/11 Museum.

While VOICES was satisfied with native Remote Desktop Services (Microsoft RDS), IT Manager, Chris Wolf says now that VOICES has experienced the more “stable and reliable 2X platform, we could never go back.”

“2X Remote Application Server is faster and very easy to navigate, especially for non-technical users,” said Wolf, “2X allows staff members to sign in from any terminal or device and access data.  What 2X does very nicely is it breaks out the remote desktop in a clear, clean window and separates it from the local desktop,” he added.

Lentner Technology Integrators deployed the 2X Remote Application Server Solution, “2X has generously donated the software to Voices of September 11th as it’s a very worthy cause,” said Lentner.  “The contribution will significantly help Voices of September 11th in their efforts to execute their mission and Lentner is proud we could be a part of it”.

About Voices of September 11th

Founded immediately following the attacks on September 11th,  the VOICES mission is to commemorate the lives lost on 9/11, provide long term support services to members of the 9/11 community, advocate for reforms to make our country safer and provide ongoing assistance to those impacted by mass trauma.

About Lentner Technology Integrators

Lentner Technology Integrators are a managed services provider based in Wilton, CT that has been servicing the IT-related needs of Fairfield and Westchester Counties for over ten years.

About 2X Software

2X Software is a global leader in virtual desktop and application delivery, remote access and cloud computing solutions.  Thousands of enterprises worldwide trust in the reliability and scalability of 2X products.  2X offers a range of solutions to make every company’s leap to cloud computing simple and affordable.  Contact Caroline Stokes on +44 (0)845 222 0425 or cs@2x.com.

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