Deploy Apps Without Needing Android Market

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Many businesses are developing custom-built apps for their employees to use, which are designed to increase staff productivity and ease their employees workload by having important company information at their fingertips. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to deploy apps to employees’ mobile devices without needing the Android Market and other app markets. This is causing a problem for companies that need to test their app on various Android devices before making it available to their employees.

Some custom apps may contain sensitive corporate data, and if that’s the case, the app definitely needs to stay secure. For example, an app that a company has developed, may store customer information and contract details. Also, a newly developed app that’s a private beta, may need to be tested first. This is where 2X MDM comes in. Administrators can deploy apps directly to any number of devices simultaneously. By doing this, companies no longer need to upload an app to the Android Market and avoid their employees having to spend time to 1) locate the app, and 2) download it.

2X MDM has the added benefit of being able to deploy apps to many mobile devices in one go. For instance, if you have 100 devices connected to the 2X MDM online service, it may be a good idea to create groups, e.g. “testing”, “sales”, “maintenance”, etc. Rather than have each member of staff in a group install the app, you can send it to their devices simultaneously.

If you haven’t signed up for a free account, click here to sign up now. Don’t forget to follow our step by step guide on how to set up 2X MDM. You can also interact with the 2X MDM Team on our Facebook page and the forums.

Sean Bianco is the marketing documentalist and technical writer at Parallels. With a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Networking and a three year background in software quality assurance testing and usability engineering, Sean is a subject matter expert in mobility and smartphone, app and device management. He is well-versed in developing technical articles and determining market trends. His excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with emphasis on understanding relationships between technical problems, result in sound and effective business solutions.