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Parallels Desktop for Mac
3 ‘Hangout’ with Parallels Desktop

Have you missed any of our handy-dandy Google Hangouts (On Air)?

These live, interactive events give us the chance to demonstrate the ins and outs of Parallels Desktop and give people like you the opportunity to get questions answered.

Most recently, we hosted a two-session series on ‘Getting Started Using Parallels Desktop for Mac’.

Parallels Business Solutions
0 Making the Miraculous Routine

One of our expert enterprise system engineers shares his thoughts on the evolution of Parallels Desktop for Mac…

I always get my best ideas on the evening commute on my motorcycle. A warm night not too long ago, I started thinking how far the technology and development of Parallels Desktop for Mac has come in the last seven years. The big ‘aha’ was how quickly the miraculous has become routine.

3 New iMacs Available from Apple

In case you missed it, Apple announced the availability of new iMacs today.

New processors, new graphics processors, the fastest ever wi-fi, and up to a 3 TB Fusion Drive! Yes, that’s right, 3 T-e-r-a-b-y-t-e-s (or 3072 GB, if you prefer). Apple keeps pushing the boundaries, delivering great hardware, time after time after time.

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