5 I’ll be at WWDC, will you?

From August 7th-11th, Mac geeks from all over the world will converge on the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. This week long event is one of two major Apple events each year (the other being MacWorld), and this is definitely the more technical of the two. There are dozens of focused technology training sessions, lots of great presentations, and of course, Steve Jobs’ keynote speech where he’ll be previewing OS 10.5 “Leopard” as well as upcoming Apple hardware technologies.

I, and several other guys from Parallels, will be at WWDC in full force. So if you have a technical question, are interested in exploring a partnership with Parallels, or just want to say “hi”, find me or any other Parallels team member. We’ll be in bright orange shirts like the one below:

I’m 6’2″, weigh 230 lbs, shave my head and will be in a bright orange shirt.
There’s no way you can miss me at WWDC.

0 Adobe’s Mike Downey digs Parallels

Mike Downey, Senior Product Manager for Flash Products at Adobe, recently had great things to say about Parallels Desktop. This quote was taken from a larger interview about the status of Flash for new Intel-Macs that was published in Mac Design Pro Magazine a few days ago:

“I will add that both myself and my counterpart who runs the development team, Doug Benson, are avid Mac users and have been very pleased with our new MacBook Pros. I’m especially happy with the performance and capabilities of Parallels running Win XP. I no longer need to carry two laptops with me when I travel.”

Pretty high praise from two of the best in the computer industry. Check out the full article here.

2 Parallels invades Denmark

Live in Denmark? Want to get started with Parallels Desktop?

You’re in luck; Jan Dalsgaard, owner of, has just written – in Danish of course – “How to Install Windows XP with Parallels on an Intel-Mac.”

Jan is the undisputed Mac genius in Denmark, and this work is a great example of his talent, and of his real dedication to the Mac platform.

You can buy the full 36-page walk-thorugh guide at the online store for 98 Danish Kroner (about US$16.50). It’s a bargain in any currency.

3 Pimp Your MacBook with Parallels

Uncrate, a men’s magazine that focuses on cool gear that guys need, just listed Parallels Desktop as one of the top 10 things you need if you’re buying a new MacBook.

The article leads off by saying: “Apple’s new MacBook is easily the best laptop for the money currently being sold. It packs in spectacular power and some of the most advanced features available. That said, there’s always room to accessorize. Being longtime Mac users and new MacBook owners, we’ve rounded up our top 10 products to help you pimp your MacBook.”

I agree 100%. That being said, we should have been higher on the list (Desktop comes in at #5)…at least ahead of the stylishly questionable nylon sleeve that they listed first.

Parallels Desktop: #5 on the list of the most bad-ass stuff you can buy for a MacBook

Check out the full top-10 list here.
1 Working with Solaris 10 in Parallels Desktop

Martin MC Brown has posted a great entry on his blog about how to get Solaris 10 working in Parallels Desktop. For those of you looking to work with Solaris, I highly recommend you check this out…its a good supplement to our quickstart guide, and provides a straightforward, real-user look at how to get up and running with Solaris.

The finished product; Solaris 10 running in a Parallels virtual machine

For those of you unfamiliar with Martin, he’s a well respected tech journalist who contributes to a number of leading tech magazines and all-around computer guru. He just wrote up a great blog post about Parallels Destkop for Computerworld, titled “Parallels Lowers the Impact of Boot Camp.”

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