7 Live demo of Coherence

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Coherence, our groundbreaking new technology that lets Mac users run Windows apps without seeing Windows. But have you seen it in action?

Check out Coherence, and Parallels Desktop’s other great new featuers, in this TV clip from Gear Live Media:

If the video cuts off early (right around where I am explaing why you can’t run OS X in a virtual machine) try reloading the video from scratch.
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1 CES & MacWorld: The Week in Review

I made it back in one piece from my crazy 9-day hitch on the road to CES and MacWorld. It would be far too long of a post to cover everything that happened in the past week, so I’ll hit the highlights:

Monday, January 8th – CES
In short, CES is total insanity. Its basically 150,000 tech geeks like me causing havok in Las Vegas, surrounded by gadgets and gizmos galore (and alliteration, of course). Parallels didn’t have a booth at the show, but I did walk the floor to do some interviews and meet with a number of partners. We alsohit ShowStoppers on Monday night to pick up our hardware for PC World’s “Innovation of the Year” award. Pretty cool to network with the other winners, which included the Microsoft Office 2007 development team, and the crew who put together the Nintendo Wii.

The show floor at CES

Tuesday, January 9th – CES & MacWorld
Spent the morning hanging out with my friends at PC World at the annual media brekfast. Hopped a plane to San Francisco around mid-day and hit Moscone in the afternoon, and was greeted with this at our booth:

Traffic was this intense for the entire show! It was absolutely amazing to see the response to Parallels overall, but it was especially cool to see how blown away people were with the Parallels Desktop for Mac Update that we were demoing. The look on people’s faces when we showed off Coherence, Transporter, USB 2.0 and Drag & Drop made the chaos completely worth it.

Wednesday, January 10th – MacWorld
This was the biggest day of the show for us. First, we dropped the Update Release Candidate for Parallels Desktop for Mac. Lots of cool new stuff in this one:

  • Better USB 2.0 support. Faster support for a broader range of devices, including Palm PDAs and most webcams.
  • Improved Drag and Drop. Parallels Desktop now shares the entire Mac file structure between OS X and Windows! Here’s what I mean: if you drag a Word file directly from OS X to Word for Windows, the program will automatically open with the file ready to edit. Make a modification and click “save”, and the updated file will save right back to its original location on your Mac. Very cool.

Get the Update RC, and see what all the ruckus is about.

Only a few hours after releasing the Update RC, it was named “Best in Show” for MacWorld 2007! An amazing honor to be sure…thanks to everyone who came to see the demo and to see us get our award!

On stage demoing Coherence with MacWorld Magazine’s Jim Darymple and Jason Snell at the “Best in Show” awards ceremony

Our “Best in Show” flag, in an Ars Technica photo (more on that later). Can you tell that I’m just a bit happy?

To wrap up the day, I had the opportunity to co-present with David Pogue, the technology writer for the New York Times. David re-defines energetic, and it was an honor to play his “straight man” during the presentation, and to show off Parallels Desktop in front of a really enthusiastic crowd.

Working the crowd with David Pogue of the New York Times.
Without a doubt the most entertaining demo I did all week!

Thursday, January 11th – MacWorld
More crazy booth traffic. People were literally stacked 10 deep to catch a glimpse of coherence and talk to a Parallels staffer about what’s going on with our technology. Was misrepresented by an Ars Technica writer who decided that he wanted to create a fight between us and VMware when really, there isn’t anything between us but mutual respect and some good-natured competition. Later, did a follow-up interview with Jacqui Cheng, also of Ars Technica, who cleared everything up and let me share the real story. Had a good laugh with the VMware team about the whole thing, and got back to work.

Friday, January 12th – MacWorld
The final day of the conference was just as busy for Parallels as the rest of the show. Along with John Welch of, and resident Mac gurus Mike Sebastian and David Pooser, I hosted the “Virtualization Techniques and Management” technical session for the MacIT conference. Another packed house! Thanks to Mike, Dave, John and all of the techies who showed up to ask technical questions, request new features, and join the dialogue about the best way to run Windows on a Mac.

Mike, Dave and John, in the speaker’s lounge just before our session

After the show’s close on Friday afternoon, I stumbled wearily to my flight at SFO and passed out the second I hit the seat. I woke up when we touched down at 6:01 ET Saturday morning and the guy in the middle seat informed me that it was time to get off the plane.

Thanks to everyone who came by the booth, or pulled me aside on the show floor to ask a question, give us some contructive criticism, or just voice their support for what we’re doing!

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0 Party with Parallels at MacWorld!

I have a few extra tickets to the cocktail party that we’ll be hosting on Wednesday night from 630-930 pm at Annabelle’s (68 4th St, between Market and Mission), so I thought I’d open them up to my loyal readers.

There are 20 tickets available on a first come, first serve basis. Just come by the booth, tell a Parallels staffer that Ben sent you, and you’ll get a ticket. See you at MacWorld!

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12 Ask Ben Anything – Using VPC images, finding us at MacWorld, backspace/delete in Windows

I have a licensed copy of Windows XP that came as part of my copy of
VirtualPC. Is there any way to use it with Parallels Desktop?

– Michael A.

In the next update (currently in Beta and available here), we have included a new tool called Parallels Transporter that enables users to migrate VMware Workstation and Microsoft Virtual PC images (and an entire real PC) to Parallels Desktop. The whole conversion process for an image only takes a few minutes.

I’m heading to MacWorld next week and want to come by the booth. I see in the banner that you’re at booth #1643. Moscone’s huge…where exactly are you?

– Brandon W.

Our booth is in the south hall, right behind the main Apple booth. We’ll all be in bright orange Parallels polo shirts, so we’ll be hard to miss. See you there!

Been playing with the new version. Its pretty sweet. Found one small glitch. If you highlight a file for deletion and then hit the Delete key, it pops you up to the next level of the file structure and does not delete the file. If you highlight the file, then right click and select delete, the file is deleted fine.

– Jim L.

What you’re running into isn’t a glitch. It’s actually just a difference in the way Windows and Mac view Backspace and Delete. Here’s what I mean:

  • A Windows keyboard has 2 different keys – Backspace and Delete.
  • On a Mac, the Delete key works like a Windows Backspace because of its location.
  • Backspace in Windows forces the “go back” operation as described above.

In order to use a true “delete” in Windows, just press Fn+Delete.

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3 PC World names Parallels Desktop for Mac “Most Innovative Product of 2006”

Today PC World Magazine, the world’s most widely circulated computer magazine, released its list of the 20 Most Innovative Products of the Year. Parallels Desktop for Mac checked in at #3, coming in only behind Microsoft Office 2007, and Intel Core 2 Duo architecture. That’s pretty elite company.

What I find most impressive about this particular award is that our Macintosh product was just named one of the best products of the year by a PC magazine. I think that speaks volumes about how important the work we’re doing to give computer users the best of all worlds is.

The full article is available here. To save you some time, the entire top-20 list is below:

  1. Microsoft Office 2007
  2. Intel Core 2 Duo Architecture
  4. Nintendo Wii
  5. Samsung 32GB SSD
  6. Sony Reader
  7. YouOS
  8. Dell XPS m2010
  9. Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB
  10. T-moble Dash
  11. Pioneer Inno
  12. Farecast
  13. Sony BWU-100A Blu-Ray Disc Rewritable Drive
  14. Olympus e-Volt 330
  15. Google SketchUp
  16. Sony Playstation 3
  17. Blackberry Pearl
  18. Rhapsody 4.0
  19. Logitech NuLooq
  20. Shure e500pth Sound Isolating earphones

I highly recommend you check out all of the products on this list. They’re all wicked cool.

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