3 PC World names Parallels Desktop for Mac “Most Innovative Product of 2006”

Today PC World Magazine, the world’s most widely circulated computer magazine, released its list of the 20 Most Innovative Products of the Year. Parallels Desktop for Mac checked in at #3, coming in only behind Microsoft Office 2007, and Intel Core 2 Duo architecture. That’s pretty elite company.

What I find most impressive about this particular award is that our Macintosh product was just named one of the best products of the year by a PC magazine. I think that speaks volumes about how important the work we’re doing to give computer users the best of all worlds is.

The full article is available here. To save you some time, the entire top-20 list is below:

  1. Microsoft Office 2007
  2. Intel Core 2 Duo Architecture
  4. Nintendo Wii
  5. Samsung 32GB SSD
  6. Sony Reader
  7. YouOS
  8. Dell XPS m2010
  9. Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB
  10. T-moble Dash
  11. Pioneer Inno
  12. Farecast
  13. Sony BWU-100A Blu-Ray Disc Rewritable Drive
  14. Olympus e-Volt 330
  15. Google SketchUp
  16. Sony Playstation 3
  17. Blackberry Pearl
  18. Rhapsody 4.0
  19. Logitech NuLooq
  20. Shure e500pth Sound Isolating earphones

I highly recommend you check out all of the products on this list. They’re all wicked cool.

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3 Io, Saturnalia! Happy Hannukah! Merry Christmas! Habari Gani! Happy New Year!

“Ask Ben Anything” will be on vacation next week, to celebrate the holiday season, which includes:

  • Hannukah (December 14th – 22nd)
  • Christmas (December 25th)
  • Boxing Day (December 26th)
  • Kwanzaa (December 26th, – January 1st)
  • New Year’s Day (January 1st, obviously)
  • The winter solstice (December 21st)

and of course…

  • Saturnalia (December 23rd).

Have a great Hanuchristmakwanzaanalia Day and I’ll see you in 2007!

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2 Ask Ben Anything – Configuring Coherence

Coherence rocks! But since I only need a few Windows apps, its a pain to load Windows, then go to Coherence mode, then load an application. Can I just load apps in Coherence without booting Windows?

– Jimmy G.

Yes and no. While you will need Windows completely loaded in Parallels to use Coherence, you can set Windows to boot straight in Coherence mode. Just open your VM properties page, click “configuration”, then “Booting” and click the “Switch to Coherence automatically.” Next time you boot Windows, you’ll go straight to Coherence mode.

I see when I load a Windows app it now appears in the dock. How do I get it to stay there?

– Anonymous

Easy. Just right click on the Windows icon in your dock (or click and hold), and select “keep in dock”. From there on out, that icon will serve as quick-launch icon for that app. Just click it, and the Windows app will load straight on your Mac desktop! Here’s a screenshot of my dock to give you an idea of how I’m using this feature:

Note that Windows apps in Parallels have the Parallels icon attached to them, so you cna easily see which icons are for Windows apps, and which are for Mac apps.

In Beta1, when I switched to Coherence, my Windows taskbar stayed on screen. Now its gone. Did I do something dumb to make it go away?

– Linda R.

Not at all! With the new improved Coherence mode that lets you launch Windows apps from the Mac dock, we took the taskbar away by default. However, its easy to get it back if you so desire. Just open your Windows XP properties page, and click “configuration”, then click “coherence” in the configuration menu on the left. You’ll see a series of checkboxes that will let you see the taskbar, help you relocate it automatically (ie, move the Windows taskbar to the top of the screen automatically when you go to Coherence mode), and customize your work area.
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0 Parallels named 2006 MacWorld Reader’s Choice Award!

Last week we backed up our 2006 MacWorld Editor’s Choice Product of the Year Award with an even bigger win – 2006 MacWorld Reader’s Choice Product of the Year!

The Reader’s Choice Award, started in 2003, is a chance for Mac users to let the world know which products they found to be the most impressive, the most useful, and the most important. This year’s selections were Parallels Desktop for Mac, and the new 24″ iMac.

Our win was the first time EVER that a non-Apple product won this award! Thanks to everyone again (I know I say this every week) for all of your continued support. We really couldn’t have done it without you.

The full announcement/award article is available here.

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1 Ask Ben Anything – Shared Networking, “snapshots”, and drag & drop size restrictions

Problem: I’m a road-warrior, so I’m often in hotels and airport lounges and
Starbucks and so forth. For example, I have a T-Mobile WiFi subscription
(and am writing you from a United Red Carpet Club). But I can’t seem to get
it working with my Parallels workstation! Even though my host laptop is
crankin’ away with a great Internet connection on my T-Mobile WiFi account,
the VM insists the connection has “little or no connectivity”.

– Scott J.

Easy to fix! There’s a mode under “Networking” called “Shared Networking”. This mode, in layman’s terms, means that whenever your Mac is online, your VM is online. It works via NAT (Network Address Translation) that enables your VM’s IP address to hide behind your Mac’s IP, which gets your VM online even on a connection (like a T-Mobile HotSpot) that only allows one IP per connection.

In my line of work a “snapshot” capability is really useful. I know that cloning a machine is one way to revert to a previous state, but that is too slow and not as useful. Any future snapshot plans for Parallels?

Keep up the great work! Thank you for Parallels. It runs on my MacPro at work and is truly a killer app.

– Ash

Thanks for the support! Yes, a “snapshot” type feature is in the works and should be ready by the next major update. Hold tight for a few more months.

Is there any limit to the size of a folder/file I can drag & drop?

– Marc K.

Nope, none at all. It’ll just take a bit longer to work with a massive file or folder. For really big files, you may just want to store them in a Shared Folder so its always at the ready for both OS X and Windows.

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