1 Working with Solaris 10 in Parallels Desktop

Martin MC Brown has posted a great entry on his blog about how to get Solaris 10 working in Parallels Desktop. For those of you looking to work with Solaris, I highly recommend you check this out…its a good supplement to our quickstart guide, and provides a straightforward, real-user look at how to get up and running with Solaris.

The finished product; Solaris 10 running in a Parallels virtual machine

For those of you unfamiliar with Martin, he’s a well respected tech journalist who contributes to a number of leading tech magazines and all-around computer guru. He just wrote up a great blog post about Parallels Destkop for Computerworld, titled “Parallels Lowers the Impact of Boot Camp.”

4 Parallels Desktop hits the Apple Store, Part II

Earlier this week I let everyone know that we’re on the shelves in the Apple Store. Now we’re in the online store too!

So if you’re not near a store selling Parallels Desktop (pretty hard to do, considering that we’re in Staples, Office Depot, Fry’s, MicroCenter, CompUSA…), you can order a copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac via the Apple Store Online. You even get free shipping!

5 Parallels Desktop hits the Apple Store

As of this week, you can now pick up a real, boxed copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac in any Apple Store!

Not close to an Apple Store? Don’t worry…you’ll soon be able to get Parallels Desktop at

  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Fry’s Electronics
  • CompUSA
  • Micro Center

and many other retailers nationwide!

The product will be selling at an SRP of $79.99, the same price that you’ll find in our Online Store. Through Aug. 15, however, users who purchase Parallels Desktop for Mac through any of our retail partners will be eligible for a $20 rebate when they purchase Windows XP within 14 days. The rebate form is available at

The retail rollout is great news for a few reasons. First, it makes Parallels Desktop even more accessible to Mac users nationwide since you can actually go to a store and hold the software in your hands. More importantly, it reinforces Apple’s committment to Parallels Desktop as the preferred method of running Windows on a Mac. Now, we’re in their ads (see the “Touche” ad), on their website, and in their stores.

And now, on to pictures:

The new box, complete with an endorsement from Walt Mossberg.

Me with the first shipment of boxes at the Apple Store in Tysons Corner, VA. My friend Kristin said that I look like a new father posing with his kid.

Parallels Desktop on the shelf!

A big thank you to Roger Bloxberg and the staff of Nova Development, our exclusive retail publisher, for helping to get the boxes out the door in such a short timeframe. Great work!
2 “Installing XP on a Mac” by

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to talk several times with Dave Taylor, a true Mac guru and the proprietor of, one of the most useful Mac resource/support sites on the net. If you’ve got Mac questions, chances are Dave can answer it for you.

About two weeks ago, someone wrote Dave this query:

“I read through your splendid tutorial on installing Windows XP with Apple’s Boot Camp product but that’s not for me. I don’t want to have to reboot each time I want to try something out with a Windows app on my Mac. I’ve read about something called the Parallels Desktop and am hoping you can explain how to install it and how to use it so I can run Windows in parallel with Mac OS X? Thanks.”

Rather than simply write a one-liner back about our quick start guide or the Parallels technical support forum, Dave decided to do a complete walk-through of the process of using Parallels Desktop to install XP on a Mac.

As usuall, he did a hell of a job. Check out his write-up by following the link below; its a great supplement to the Parallels quick start guide and provides a good third-party perspective of how easy it is to get Parallels Desktop up and running on your Mac.

7 Hi, I’m a PC too…because of Parallels Desktop

A few days ago I commented on the great “Hi, I’m a PC. Hi, I’m a Mac” Apple commercials, and noted that the page that follows the “touche” ad now talks about Parallels Desktop for Mac, rather than Apple’s own Boot Camp. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that that was pretty friggin’ cool.

When I was watching the Red Sox pound on the Mets last night, the “touche” ad came on, so of course, I turned up the volume and proceeded to tell my friends about our new placement on

About half-way through the ad, I saw something that made me literally jump out of my chair…the ad now explicitly endorses Parallels Desktop for Mac!

Check out the lower left corner and you’ll see that it now says “Purchase of Windows XP and Parallels Software required.” A week ago, this just said “Purchase of Windows XP required.”

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