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0 The last contest of the summer – a Parallels Desktop 6 giveaway

The #SummerFridays contest series has been exciting. We have
given away everything from music and movies to mugs and trackpads. But
now that Labor Day has passed and the days are shorter, it is time to move on.
But it’s no time to be disappointed – this week’s contest is a doozy.

This week we are giving away a new copy of the newly
announced Parallels Desktop 6, which runs 40% faster than its predecessor and
twice as fast as the competition. Now that the summer months are over and we
have to shelter ourselves indoors, how would you use a copy of PD6 to fill your
time? Cold weather may not be good for waterskiing or tennis, but it is perfect
for programming.

To win a copy of
Parallels Desktop 6, tell us the following:
How you would use a copy of Parallels
Desktop 6 this fall and winter? Be sure to include #SummerFridays to win. You can tell
us on Twitter @ParallelsMac, in the comments section of this blog post, or on the
wall of our Facebook page at We will choose the winner
randomly from the pool of entrants.

And just because this is the last contest of the summer, stay
tuned. It doesn’t mean that it is our last contest for the rest of the year.
Fall and winter need love too.



*Restricted to U.S. residents. Contest ends 11:59 p.m. PDT on Friday, September 10. We wish you luck.

Parallels Desktop for Mac
0 Enter the Star Wars-themed Parallels #SummerFridays Contest

This week’s #SummerFridays contest is Star Wars themed, with
the chance to win a Darth Vader USB hub. This contest is all about choice. Luke
had to chose to stand up to his father and eschew the Dark Side. How about you –
why do you prefer Parallels Desktop to create a Virtual Machine on your Mac?

In order to enter the contest, just answer one simple
question: Why did you prefer Parallels over the competition? Just send
us a tweet
within the next 24 hours at @ParallelsMac including
#SummerFridays telling why you prefer Parallels. We will randomly
select five winners* from the pool of responders and notify them individually.
The USB hub will be delivered in a timely manner, perhaps by X-wing fighter,
but more likely by your friendly mail carrier.

*Exclusive to U.S. residents only. Contest ends at 11:59
p.m. PDT on Friday, August 27, 2010

Video via YouTube

Image of boss Darth Vader USB Hub via

Parallels Desktop for Mac
1 Crystal Mode Makes Your Mac Crystal Clear.

With Crystal mode, Parallels Desktop is able to provide better integration between your Mac and virtual machine.  The Crystal mode can hide in your tool bar and Dock and facade itself as a possible Mac application or tool. With hidden menus, icons and controls, Parallels Desktop 5 has become more seamless by lessening the visual clutter on your desktop and speeding up the accessibility of Windows applications. Look at this active crystal mode feature:


Read what people are saying about Crystal mode in Parallels Desktop 5:

@penningtonj: .@ParallelsMac 5 crystal mode is fantastic. Well worth the upgrade for that alone. Great job on this Parallels!

@nrg: @ParallelsMac Crystal Mode rocks! That damn IE looks like it's part of OSX now 🙂 The performance increase is also stunning. #impressive

@bldngnerd: loving the new Crystal mode in parallels along with their Mac theme for windows, everything looks the same

@paynetc: I'm really loving the Crystal view mode in the new #Parallels 5. The less I have to see #Windows to use it on my #Mac, the better.

If you have any other question regarding using this feature, check out this knowledge base article:

Parallels Desktop for Mac
17 Ready to Run Windows 8.1 on Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac?

An update from one of our product marketing experts:

Windows 8.1 was released today, and we are happy to share that we released an update for Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac  — so, now you can update your Windows 8 virtual machines to Windows 8.1. The best approach is to:

(1) update Parallels Desktop 9, then,

(2) boot your Windows 8 virtual machine — which will then automatically update the Parallels Tools inside the virtual machine — and then,

(3) upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.

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