What’s new in Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition!  


Parallels Desktop 12 has just been released! You might know, there are three different Parallels Desktop Editions: The Standard Version – Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac, Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition and Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition. Our Pro Edition is the version we developed especially for developers, designers and power-users with integrated key developer tools.  For example: Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition includes the integration of a Visual Studio plug-in as well as support for other developer tools such as Docker, Chef, Jenkins, Vagrant and more. Of course, we’ve not only released Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac but also a new upgrade for Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition. Let’s dig in to what’s new in Pro!

What’s new in Pro Edition? 

Apart from the features included in Parallels Desktop 12, all subscribers and new customers should be excited to see these additional features new in Pro edition:

  • Archiving virtual machines to save storage space
  • Set resource usage limits for virtual machines memory and CPU usage
  • New Network conditioning profiles
    • Do you test fast connection, slow network connectivity, or dropped connections regularly? Set these as profiles and quickly test all the variations you use regularly!
      Network Conditioner - new in pro
  • An advanced network feature – naptd: Support resolvers on the Mac
  • Better Visual Studio compilation performance
  • Linked Clones improvements: indication in PDCC, tooltip and finding lost parent VMs
  • Automatic SSH key management so that you can login to the VM without entering credentials (This is mainly applicable to Linux VMs)
  • To make it easier for the developer to refer to the VM in code or in a script, you can now pass the virtual machine name to guest as a hostname

Are you already a Pro user or are you considering upgrading to the Pro Edition? We would love to hear what you think about what’s new in Pro (and all of our features) in a comment or on Facebook or Twitter!

As a communications manager for Parallels in Munich, Beatrice spends a lot of time in the social networks and is always up to date with what happens in the technology world. After having lived in Spain for four years, she misses the good weather but enjoys the beautiful Alps.

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