Windows 9 Users Outraged They Won’t Get Windows 10 For Free

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Featured image courtesy of Daze Info.

Despite the positive reaction so far to Windows 10, Microsoft isn’t out of the gate just yet—by announcing that the free upgrade to Windows 10 will only be available to Windows 7 and 8 users, they’ve frustrated all of their users who took a risk on Windows 9.

Here are just a few of the responses from irate Windows 9 users:


Luke Skywalker

Captain Kirk

Tony Stark

Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace

…Needless to say, people aren’t pleased.

Happy April Fools’ Day from Parallels!

In all seriousness, we’re getting pretty pumped for the official release of Windows 10. What about you—are you as excited for the official release of Windows 10 as us? Share your thoughts in a comment, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.


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  • Jay

    Haha April Fools… No such OS as Windows 9 lol