Things You Can Do While Waiting for Windows Updates to Install

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It’s the end of the day. Sighing, you start your daily ritual of closing any programs or tabs on your computer. Finally, you go to shut down your Windows virtual machine on Parallels Desktop—you’ll see the happy little Windows flag again in the morning—when the worst happens:

Windows Updates

Image courtesy of Verboon.

The dreaded Windows updates have struck once again!

Sit tight—you’ll be here for a while. Here are a few things you can probably get done while waiting for your updates to install:


Stand up and stretch a bit.


Take a bathroom break. (You had to go anyway…)


Get a refill.


Make a sandwich.


Finish eating your sandwich. (How is it still updating?)


Check on Windows’ progress. It’s somehow still updating.ère-ne-mentends-pas-lui-parler-parce


Stretch some more. (At least you’re getting your yoga in today…)


Check your emails or social media feeds on your smartphone. (You have time to chuckle at a quick Buzzfeed post.)


Take a brisk walk around the room. (It’s got to be getting close to done, right?)


Play a quick game on your smartphone. (Still. Not. Done.)


Binge-watch Battlestar Galactica on Netflix.


Try to teach your dog the subtle art of retrieving a cold drink from the fridge for you. (IT’S STILL NOT DONE. HOW?)


Tunnel your way to the Great Wall of China.


Curl up into a ball and cry yourself to sleep because somehow, somehow, the last update is still installing…


We’ve all been there—sometimes, it seems to take forever for Windows updates to install! Still, it’s always worth the time spent, since it means our Windows VM will continue to work seamlessly on Parallels Desktop for Mac.

What’s the longest you’ve waited for a Windows update to install? What did you do to pass the time? Share your story in a comment, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.


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In addition to serving as the Social Media Manager for Parallels, Lindsay Scarpello moonlights as a geek-culture enthusiast. A native Midwesterner, she's already loving the sweater weather and abundance of great coffee in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Bob Archer

    “Sighing, you start your daily ritual of closing any programs or tabs on your computer.”

    Who does this?

    • lscarpello

      Good question! I definitely shut down my Windows VM every day to save power, but not my entire MacBook. Then again, the longer you wait to shut down Windows, the more likely you’ll have tons of updates to install! 🙂