Melenkovsky District Vladimirskaya Oblast Chooses 2X Software

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2X Software Case Study – Melenkovsky District Vladimirskaya Oblast

obalst“With 2X Remote Application Server, we’re getting all the functionality we need to facilitate the IT department processes at a fraction of previous costs. Cost-cutting is very important for us, so we have chosen the appropriate range of 2X licenses and are happy with it” Vasily Gusev, CIO of Melenkovsky District

Turn Complexity into Simplicity – Manage Several Remote Offices from a Single Point

Company Overview

Melenkovsky District of Vladimirskaya Oblast is a public institution, representing the administration of the district. It is one of the sixteen districts in Vladimir Oblast in Russia, and is located in the southeast of the region. The area of the district is 2,221 square kilometres and its administrative centre is the town of Melenki. In order to fulfil its duties, the administration has offices in different locations all over its territory.

The Challenge

One of the main tasks of the district’s IT department is to support the working processes of the organisations that form part of the district administration. The biggest IT challenges are the preservation of data integrity, and maintenance of applications up and running.

The infrastructure was inefficient, because departments and users were located in different buildings all around the district. The accounting application installed on a server, for example, resulted in several complaints; because of a power cut, the IT team had to fix problems manually. They also faced network failures, which led to errors as well. It was obalstimpossible to use applications or manage the server securely from home or a remote location.

The district was using Windows’ standard remote desktop, but this was inconvenient because the IT team could not control user activity on the server. They had different versions of applications running at the same time, which created a lot of confusion over the years. As Vasily Gusev – CIO of Melenkovsky District – explains: “It was really hard to manage access of certain users to certain software versions. At the moment our company uses 74 of 80 concurrent licences. All of them were always used on 64-bit servers only, since 2008. Currently, all licences are used only on Windows 2003, because this solution meets all our requirements.”

The Solution

Melenkovsky District now uses 2X Software products for virtual application publishing globally from its major operations facility in Melenki. With 2X Remote Application Server and 2X Software clients, employees can work on any operating system and from any remote location. The 2X solution allows them to publish Windows File folders where they upload their working data. Additionally, the clipboard works between the server and a remote computer, which makes the user’s life much easier. 2X clients allow the user to run any application published on the desktop: for example, the accounting program uses MS Word 2010, which works with 2X software as well.

“With 2X Remote Application Server, we’re getting all the functionality we need to facilitate the IT department processes at a fraction of previous costs. Cost-cutting is very important for us, so we have chosen the appropriate range of 2X licences and are happy with it” adds Vasily.

Key Benefits

Business efficiencies have improved significantly. Significant cost reductions have been achieved by eliminating the need for IT staff members to go around to the different Melenkovsky District offices to fix problems locally. The 2X solution enhanced the productivity of all software compared to the previous non-server-based infrastructure. The software is more reliable and works faster on a powerful server with better configuration. The impact on productivity due to power outages or network failures has decreased significantly, since users’ sessions are safely stored on the server, and they can retrieve their data and continue working as soon as the system is back online.

Software updating takes much less time than before, as members of the IT team do not have to visit locations all over the district. Instead, they update software directly on the server, without having to block users in the meantime. IT managers and end users can enjoy secure online access to the corporate network from home or other remote locations anywhere in the world. The 2X server guarantees access to the applications and data in compliance with company policies. It is now possible to work using different mobile devices such as Android-based Samsung Galaxy tablets or

Linux-based computers. “It all works perfectly,” adds Vasily.

2X universal print technology allows users to print locally, even if the print job process runs on the server. The complexity of the operation is completely transparent for the user and the experience is very positive. Business continuity is boosted because all data and software are stored on the server, so if a user’s computer is faulty, it is simply substituted and business continues as usual.

In Summary

In Melenkovsky District, 2X Remote Application Server has changed application use across the board. Currently, over 50 server users are accessing more than 106 different versions of software through 2X Remote Application Server. 2X has made it very simple for Vasily and his staff to coordinate product updates as needed, with every core application accessible to employees being clearly visible within the 2X Remote Application Server console. Any modifications to user or application settings can now be made throughout the entire network with a few simple mouse-clicks, creating a powerful way to monitor and modify application use across the network.

About 2X Software

2X Software is a global leader in virtual desktop, application delivery and mobile device management solutions. Thousands of organisations worldwide trust in the reliability and scalability of 2X products. 2X offers a range of solutions to make every organisation’s shift to cloud computing simple and affordable.The company’s product line includes the award-winning 2X Remote Application Server (2X RAS), providing platform-independent virtual desktop, application delivery and integrated thin client management from a single software package to any modern operating system, as well as to mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.2X Mobile Device Manager (2X MDM) offers a complementary (or stand-alone) solution that enables 2X Software’s customers to monitor and manage corporate and employee-owned mobile devices. With 2X MDM, customers will be able to track their devices and remotely lock or delete data if a device is lost or stolen. In addition, organisations will be able to monitor mobile devices for malware and remove inappropriate apps. For additional information, visit or contact Giorgio Bonuccelli by email ( or phone (+356 2258 3800).

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