How to Control Applications Installed on your Android and iOS Devices

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Control which applications are downloaded on your devices with 2X MDM by creating an application Whitelist or Blacklist. An application Whitelist will specify applications which are allowed, whilst an application Blacklist will specify applications which should not be installed.

Application control is enforced through group policies. Devices belonging to a group policy, therefore abide by the application blacklist or whitelist defined within that group.


Enforce an application control policy according to the next steps:

  1. Log in to the 2X MDM Portal.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Group Policies’ node.
  3. Select a group policy.
  4. Click ‘Application Control’.
  5. Click the ‘Add’ drop down
  6. Select which source to add the application from and click ‘Add’.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 to add multiple applications
  8. Enable the ‘Whitelist’ radio button to apply these applications as a whitelist or  ‘Blacklist’ radio button to apply the added applications as a blacklist.
  9. Click ‘Apply’ to confirm the set control policy.

Note: Each group policy could either enforce an application whitelist or blacklist, but not both.

Caution: Enabling the ‘Whitelist’ radio button with no applications added to the list will not allow ANY applications to be installed on devices added to that group without creating an application control violation.

Sean Bianco is the marketing documentalist and technical writer at Parallels. With a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Networking and a three year background in software quality assurance testing and usability engineering, Sean is a subject matter expert in mobility and smartphone, app and device management. He is well-versed in developing technical articles and determining market trends. His excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with emphasis on understanding relationships between technical problems, result in sound and effective business solutions.

  • Amy

    under my whitelist it says that an admin had to add it……there’s only one ph I’m tracking but there’s 3 items; two from android, one by an apple user (?) I don’t have an apple device

    • Sean Bianco

      Hi Amy,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Please note that 2X MDM does not auto-populate Group policies application control.

      Kindly open this issue on our forums with a full description of the issue for further investigation:

  • Ryan

    Hi, how do you whitelist/blacklist website content

    • Sean Bianco

      Hi, currently 2X MDM is not able to block website content.