Upgrade 3CX MDM to 2X Mobile Device Management

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You may upgrade your 3CX MDM On Premise installation to 2X MDM according to the instructions below. Upgrading from a version lower than 2X MDM V8 to Version 8 and above requires SQL server 2012 installed either on the same machine running Mobile Device Management, or on a different machine within your network as specified here: http://www.2x.com/support/documentation-mdm/manual/system-requirements/

For Version 8 and above, review the new upgrade procedure here: http://www.2x.com/2x-mdm-on-premise-upgrade-procedure/

If prompted to configure the reporting service, review the documentation here: http://www.2x.com/support/documentation-mdm/manual/configuration/#h.39adayzevl3

Stage 1. Download the Latest 2X MDM On Premise Edition Setup File

2X MDM On Premise

1. Point your browser to: http://www.2x.com/mdm/download/

2. Fill out the download form fields and click ‘Submit & Download’.  You shall be directed toward the download link page.

3. Click the download link to download the 2X MDM On Premise Setup file.

Stage 2. Run the 2X MDM On Premise Edition Setup File

4. Click to run the 2X MDM setup file.


5. Confirm the machine which the upgrade is to take place on meets the system requirements and click ‘Next’. Subsequently, read the End-User License agreement and click ‘Next’ to continue.


6. Next, define the path where the installation folder will be created, Click ‘Next’ and further click ‘Install’ to confirm the previous steps and start the installation process.


7. Before starting the installation, Setup shall confirm that no 2X MDM related services are currently running. If 2X MDM applications are running , you may select to either stop the services and proceed with the upgrade or leave them running, which requires that the machine is rebooted upon completion.


8. During this process, setup shall upgrade your 2X MDM server. Once completed, click ‘Next’. Finalise the installation by clicking finish and optionally select to launch 2X MDM upon completion.

Congratulations! Your 2X MDM server has successfully been upgraded.

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