2X MDM 7.1 Receives an Improved Interface and New iOS Client App

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We are proud to announce the release of 2X MDM 7.1! Easily register your devices with the new enrollment process and take full advantage of the newly available iOS client app.

Optimized performance complemented by an improved interface and added functionality are the foundation of this update.

New iOS client

The new iOS client now starts up automatically when a device is powered on and also includes battery consumption optimizations.

New Enroll Process

Take advantage of 2X MDM’s features by enrolling your devices following the new enroll step by step guides below:

  • Learn how to enroll an Android device by clicking here
  • Learn how to enroll an iPhone or iPad by clicking here
  • Learn how to enroll a Windows Laptop by clicking here

New Features

  • New and improved user interface.
  • Added ‘client outdated’ warning.
  • Added ability to enroll devices via a web URL (Enroll Portal).
  • Added auto detection of device OS during enrollment process and improved guide for end users.
  • Data Usage for iOS and Android devices (iOS: latest client required).
  • Added prompt for iOS 2X MDM Client installation including automatic configuration.


  • New and improved iOS client.
  • iOS Client restarts automatically after phone reboot.
  • Reduced battery consumption for iOS client.
  • Improved server descriptions on certain settings.
  • Server Console performance when computing lengthy operations.
  • Restarting only affected services by modified settings when clicking ‘Apply’.
  • Reworded descriptions on certain settings.
  • Filtering for lists.
  • Ability to sort multiple columns simultaneously.


  • iOS devices where shown as offline in portal.
  • Fixed a rare apple certificate expired warning which sometimes showed in toolbar after renewing.
  • Fixed issue whereby sometimes when pasting a value in a form, the buttons were not being enabled.
  • A rare issue whereby application management was not working correctly in certain circumstances
  • Was not enabling disabled devices on delete.
  • Fixed specific issue whereby the send location link was being shown when Dashboard map was clicked.
  • Could not delete disabled devices.
  • APNS certificate expiration date was not displayed according to the ‘Date Format’ settings.
  • A rare issue whereby some location history updates were not showing.
  • Daily iOS application refresh was not consistently working.
  • Could previously add duplicate Exchange account.
  • Removing cached location history when location updates are set to off.
  • Fixed some issues with full screen mode.

Keep Up to Date

We welcome your feedback and comments in the 2X MDM Forums and on our Facebook Page.

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