Track Your iPhones with 2X MDM

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2X MDM has been upgraded to allow you to track and see the location history of all your connected iPhones.

If you have an iPhone and a 2X MDM account, simply sign into your dashboard and connect your phone or phones. If you’re new to our service, sign up here and connect all your company’s and/or family’s iPhones.

New 2X MDM Features and Improvements

New Features

  • We’ve now added iPhone tracking.
  • You can now review the location history of all the connected iPhones.
  • We’ve added the option to assign a user to an iPhone device.
  • We now update the list of installed iPhone apps daily.
  • We’ve added an alerts node.
    • You can now receive alerts when the phone is either locked, wiped, if the device administrator is disabled, and when there is an  application control violation.


  • We’ve removed the distinction between user types, e.g. Gmail and local users.
  • You can now automatically invite users by email when adding a user or uploading a list of users.
  • A green icon for iPhone indicates that the device has actually communicated with the server within the time specified in the “Client Update Frequency” section.
  • We’ve added a loading message at the bottom of the page for lengthy server requests.
  • The login email field is no longer case sensitive.

2X MDM Android and iPhone Apps

To take advantage of 2X MDM’s features on your mobile devices:

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  • Richard Ferrara

    Does this application use a lot of data on 3G wireless plans?

    • blogger3cx1

      @Richard – no, nothing significant as just minimal data is sent being location updates every 15 minutes which are just coordinates..

  • Court P

    Does this work with the iphone configuration utility?