eG Innovations Partners with 2X for Monitoring and Performance Management

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A growing number of administrators are relying on 2X Remote Application Server for quick and reliable virtual desktop and application delivery. Performance failures often have a terrible effect on user experience and organizational effectiveness, and many times, the cause of such failures cannot be pinpointed, making recovery difficult. While standard monitoring solutions are available, most do not provide the critical in-depth analysis administrators need, and many fail to provide comprehensive data to make critical network decisions. Administrators are thus forced to discover the reasons behind network performance failures themselves.

To administrator standards, eG 2X Monitoring provides total performance visibility for 2X installations of all sizes, providing a comprehensive management solution for 2X farms, providing complete visibility and monitoring for all layers and tiers of the organization’s 2X infrastructure. Monitored layers include the network, servers, virtualization platform, storage and more. Administrators can seamlessly channel the power of eG 2X Monitoring to improve the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of solution performance issues to ultimately improve the end-user experience with virtual, cloud and physical infrastructures.


Key Features:

eG 2X Monitoring improves the monitoring and visibility of your 2X environment in multiple ways:
Total Performance Visibility: Each layer is monitored so administrators know what’s working and what isn’t.
User Session and Application Performance: In-depth user session visibility is provided so administrators can identify top users and what applications or desktops they access.
Proactive Issue Detection and Resolution: Allows 2X environment settings to be auto-baselined, sending proactive alerts when infrastructure usage and performance are abnormal; administrators can automatically correlate across different metrics spot and fix issues before they are noticed by users.
Powerful Reporting: By identifying prolific users and bottlenecks, as well as top applications and desktops accessed, 2X environments can be right-sized to provide maximum ROI.


For more information, please see the eG 2X Monitoring Solution Brief here.


To deploy eG 2X Monitoring in your environment, please contact your local 2X office, or

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