Android Tracking To Improve Response Time

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There’s an old saying, “a good customer will tell one friend, while a customer with a bad experience will tell ten.” When you have a mobile workforce, one of the challenges is letting a customer know when your employee will arrive at their location without giving vague answers. Customers hate having to wait. Improving response time, then, is a sure way to keep customers happy. Android tracking has come on leaps and bounds recently. You can now track the whereabouts of all your staff members easily with Mobile Device Management.

With a great deal of companies using Android smartphones and tablets, Android tracking from 2X MDM allows you to find and track your employees and see where they are at any time. There’s no need for time-wasting phone calls to employees in the field to see where they are. Thanks to Android tracking, instead of telling a customer, “Our employee is in your area and will be with you sometime this morning,” you can say, “Our employee is just turning onto your street and will be with you in just a few minutes.” Giving informative answers to your customers avoids frustration and keeps a professional image.

On the other hand, if the customer needs something urgently, you can respond by using Android tracking to see which of your workers is nearest to the customer and re-routing them accordingly. 2X MDM also allows you to send locations via message so that employees can find their destinations easily and quickly to avoid unnecessary delays.

Improve your response time with Android tracking and sign up for 2X MDM today.

Sean Bianco is the marketing documentalist and technical writer at Parallels. With a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Networking and a three year background in software quality assurance testing and usability engineering, Sean is a subject matter expert in mobility and smartphone, app and device management. He is well-versed in developing technical articles and determining market trends. His excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with emphasis on understanding relationships between technical problems, result in sound and effective business solutions.

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  • trevor

    i am interesred in knowing more about the unit pricing and coverage . The distance coverage and the costing of tha unit

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  • Jaymes Marsh

    Hi Trevor,

    2X MDM is still in beta, and no pricing is available at the moment.

    With regards to the distance coverage, there’s no distance limitation. Any Android smartphone or tablet with Android Operating System 2.2 and up, is sufficient for our service to work.

    Sign up and let me know if you need any help.

    Jaymes Marsh
    2X MDM