Extended Support for 2X Android Client on Intel, MIPS, and ARM CPU-based Devices, with 2X Remote Application Server v. 10.1

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At 2X, our main concern is making your experience with our product the smoothest, simplest, and enjoyable whenever possible. We constantly work hard to improve our products and make them even faster, reliable, and easy to use. In this article, we take a look at the way the 2X Android Client has been improved, making it an even greater product!

Who could have predicted that now it’s possible to connect to your work or home PC through your mobile phone? 2X has made it possible for you to experience the full benefits of a published remote Windows application and desktop connecting from your mobile device to the 2X Remote Application Server. This way the 2X Client for RDP/Remote Desktop seamlessly runs published Windows applications and desktops from Windows Terminal Server and all major VDI hypervisors, including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware or Citrix Xen.

With a simple click you can add a new connection in few seconds.

The main features of a 2X Android client are the following:

  1. Support for Android 1.5 or higher.
  2. The ability to configure multiple connections.
  3. A unique mouse with right click feature.
  4. A full keyboard interface.
  5. SSL security.
  6. The “full screen experience”.
  7. Minimal bandwidth usage.

I am pleased and very excited to say that with the new release of 2x ApplicationServer XG v. 10.1, the 2X Android client will now also support Intel X86 and MIPS-based CPUs, making it essentially possible for any Android-based device to use the 2X Client!

2X Client for Android is available for download via the following links:



And its respective manual is available here:


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