Using Group Policy to Distribute the 2X Client to Domain Environment Users

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Here we describe how to distribute the 2X Client through a GPO (Group Policy Object) to users in a domain environment. The steps for this process are as follows: 1.) Open Active Directory by choosing Start, then Administrative Tools and Active Directory Users and Computers. pic1 2.) Right-click on the domain name, and select Properties. pic2 3.) Click the Group Policy tab, select New and type the name of the new policy added (Ex: “2X Client”). pic3 4.) Click Properties, choose the Security tab to select/add the users/groups to which you would like the policy applied, click Apply and click OK. pic4 5.) Click Edit. pic5 6.) At this point, the Group Policy Object Editor should appear; choose User Configuration then Software Settings. pic6 7.) Choose Software Installation, then New and Package to type the full Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path of the installer package desired (Ex:servernamesharedfolder2XClient.msi). Also be sure that users have access rights to the shared folder. pic7 Note: You can change the Default Client Settings when installing the 2X Client v. 8.1 by exporting a “2XSettings.2xc” file from a client to the same folder where the .msi file is being deployed. In the sysvol folder, you should now have the following: pic8 8.) When the following deployment menu appears, select Assigned, then OK. pic9 9.) Right-click on the 2X Client and choose Properties. pic10 10.) Click on the Deployment tab, check “Install this application at logon” and click Apply. pic11 11.) The 2X Client should begin installation upon the user’s next logon. pic12 Reference : How to use Group Policy to Remotely Install Software in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows Server 2008  *Applies to Windows Server 2003 and 2008

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  • Per Kopperdal

    Great guide, but I’m experiencing some problems using the .2xc file. It doesn’t seem to be used at all (2x is installed, but it has no connections configured).
    Any hints on what I might have done wrong?

    Btw, it seems the file locations are not the same in a 2008 server AD. Will you make an updated guide for this?