Using the 2X Client for Local Printing on a Mac

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This video demonstrates how to use 2X to print to a locally-installed printer on a Mac:

Using the 2X Client for Local Printing on a Mac

As you can see, it’s very simple to configure your locally-installed printer within the 2X Client for Macs; configuration settings can be easily set using the Options tab within the 2X Client, which allows you to specify the printer name and driver of your choice. The selected printer is then redirected to appear in the print dialog box, allowing you choose this printer in completing print jobs.

For more information on 2X Remote Application Server features and functionality, please visit:

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  • David Scott

    The installed Drivers only have a limited number of page sizes. I want to print to a local A1 printer. How can I install drivers for that printer so that I can use large page sizes?

  • Eric Herve

    This doesn’t work on our freshly installed configuration.

    Selecting any local Mac printers (Epson, HP, Canon) configured on Mac OS/X 10.6.3 never appear in the 2X Mac client (latest version),
    connecting to a W2008/R2x64 server.

    Selecting “all printers” doesn’t show any of these locally configured printers either.

    Please advise.

  • Christopher Butler

    We are having the same problem as Eric (the previous poster). Local OS X printers (10.5.8) do not appear in the print dialog OS in published applications on our 2X server. The 2X server is Win2008R2x64.

  • Gunnar Gunnarsson

    “This video does not exist” is displayed when I try to watch the video.

    This is a bad thing since I need to see how to printing from a Mac so I can configure the client for a customer.

  • Charlie Williams, Marketing Director

    An updated video has been uploaded, please click on the link in the above article. If you have any further questions, our support team will be sure to assist you.

  • PetieG

    I take it this only works when using a 2X application server (or such) and not general RDP to a 200X box? Seems that way.

  • Christopher Flores

    Hi PetieG,

    Printers can be redirected using an RDP connection.

    Please ensure that Under Connection Properties > Local Resources, Printers is selected and configured as per the video above.

    If you want further info, feel free to message us at