Disabling RDP Compression in the 2X Client

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RDP supports compression; third-party products exist on the market  that are designed to enable RDP compression, but require original transmission streams to remain uncompressed.

For Version 8, RDP compression can be disabled using the “Enable Compression” option within the 2X Client:


The Enable Compression option within the 2X Client

This setting is not directly related to the 2X Client, but refers to a given connection.

With this setting in place, RDP communication is uncompressed,  allowing third-party compressors to work well, which should help if the connections are in Gateway or Direct mode (SSL encryption would obscure the RDP protocol, voiding compressor heuristics).

Refer to the compression product’s documentation for ensuring the transmission is secure.

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  • Chris

    Am i correct is saying that checking the “Enable Compression” option will disable the RDP compression so that a third-party compressor will work?

  • http://www.2x.com David

    No disabling the compression need the check box cleared as shown in the picture. The caption is “Enable Compression.” so you need to clear it .. It refers to enable RDP compression from the 2X client itself. Clearing it leave the compression to the third party solution.

    It is on by default.

    The compression routines these products use, exploit field knowledge (heuristics) to tune the compression algorithms for the RDP stream. There are general compression tools like zip, but when you know you data well you can achieve much higher performance.


  • Mike

    Hi, could third party compression appliances cause any RDP session timeouts intermittently if the option on the terminal server under SSL encryption setting is changed to LOW.